Small magic healer "Pok Nori"

Many who hear the magic of a school kid that magic can not cure all the diseases that can heal the strength of the disease suffered by the community can recover.

Do not be denied again pok nori many patients not counted the number of village residents to form a committee to keantrian patients pok nori that dasyat unbelievable, magical pok nori lies in the stone held.

Pok nori provide treatment until the patient does not terelakan, patients with setianya menuggu queue up to spend a day-to receive treatment in the traditional small.

how treatment pok nori stone in the hands drowned in the glass containing the water in the patient.

ehhhhhhhhh have grievous news that older patients who have waited a few days the patient died with patients waiting for treatment to pok nori.

in the event there is a sudden maninggal the committee pok nori dismiss patients who have long waited for the sick pok nori many patients because of fatigue pok nori disappointed because the action of the committee should be confirmed before the committee with the local police or the local headman to direct safe, which will be implemented.

Pok nori can be healed with magic can cure sickness should own

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